Dreidel 4

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"Dreidel 4" is a two-player game which combines the luck and fun of the Hanukkah dreidel game with the strategy and planning of a game like Pente or Connect Four.

(Read the directions or you won't know how to play!)


The first player to get 4 of your pieces in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the board.


One player is "X" and the other player is "O". Players take turns placing their pieces on the board trying to get four of their pieces in a row.

But, a player must spin the dreidel before placing a piece to see where they are allowed to move.

The dreidel has for different Hebrew letters "nun", "gimmel", "hay", and "shin". Similarly, the 4x4 board has the same letters labeling the rows and columns. When the user spins the dreidel, they must place there piece on the board in a row or column matching the letter they got on the dreidel. For example, if the user spins a "gimmel" they can put their piece anywhere in the gimmel column OR in the gimmel row, but nowhere else.

If all squares of the column and row are already filled with pieces, then they can put a piece on any empty square on the board.

Whichever player gets 4 in a row first wins. But if all squares are filled without four in a row then the game is a tie.

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